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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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so frustrated....ins gripe

okay so i've finally had it with this. one of the reasons we decided we could get pregnant again was b/c we finacially could w/o any real problem. my dh has insurance at work and everything so we figured we'd be just fine we were only paying $124 a month for the whole family. we knew we'd have to upgrade but even then it was only $224 a month. well we found out in nov i was pg!! woo-hoo! then in jan did the upgrade, well the ins company jacked up all rates and we have to pay $575 a month for our ins. so there goes $351 and of course now i'm in nesting phase and would like to be getting the rest of this baby stuff, which i should've been able to have all of it already or at least closer too. it's just frustrating is all. i mean we're doing fine, we're still better off than we were with our first two ds's it's just irritating is all. i feel like we should be doing so much better than this but we're not.

anyone else have this problem?
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