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Re: I need an attitude adjustment!

i have a similar situation w/DS, and when i let go of everything else--what needs to be done around the house, what's for dinner tomorrow, etc.--and focus on the moment that i am in--nursing, nursing, nursing, i enjoy my son and nursing a lot more. my husband is usually the one who reminds me of this. i get really frustruated, he tells me to let all other responsibilities go, and then somehow everything just falls (somewhat) into place. i think that DS must be able to sense when my mind is somewhere else or i don't want to be nursing, and he wants my full attention! so, when i give him that attention, i find that his needs are met, and then he lets me go, and i can meet my needs (a minute alone!). i hope this helps. there are certainly rough days and rougher nights, but as one of my friends always points out to me when i'm frazzled, there is such a short amount of time when they are this little and will let us hold them this tightly, try to relish it--even when they are pulling your hair out (DS's favorite thing to do while nursing!).
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