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Re: BAC-OUT?? How do you use it?

Did you get the 16 oz concentrate or 32oz ready to use?

Either way I put it in an old dish soap bottle (if concentrate dilute) and I get what poopies I can off then just squirt it on the diaper.I was using a spray bottle but found that for my AIO's the dish soap bottle got enough liquid out to treat the inner part to without much effort on my part

I sometimes add it to the wash in a cold pre-rinse on a full load(I think if you use it in hot/warm off the bat it kills the Bac-Out so do cold first??I read that somewhere ) I then launder the load in warm or hot and it kills whatever Bac-Out enzymes might be in the diapers I don't do this often

If you are having stickies right now I would spray/squirt everything really well and let it sit overnight before washing. If you have a dishwasher strip all your inserts and doubler in it a few times.

I have also found that with bG's (which is most of my stash) if I put the poopy diapers in a seperate wet bag and on wash day run them through a rinse and then add all my pee diapers.. something about that pre-rinse with the poopy ones KEEPS the suedecloth smelling nice and clean on all my diapers! Something about mixing a poopy bG in with the rest of the load was making all the suedecloth smell funny. Not like poo but not fresh either if that makes sense.
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