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Thinking bout fitteds for night

For daytime use, specifically at DD daycare, we use SB aplix AIOs from the outlet. They are working GREAT! SBs AIOs wont work at night though for us, just too much of a heavy wetter. I traded my L FBs for PTs and used one last night for the first time, and again she leaked. This was with a CB insert and CB doubler. I'm contemplating fitted at night now, with a cover.

Are fitteds more absorbant? The one advantage I can see right now is that the fitted would stay in place, in other words, the inserts bunch up in the crotch, so the pee leaks over between the thighs since there is no insert against the edge of the thighs to catch it (make any sense ... this is my theory at least so not sure).

Which fitted would you recommend... like I said, I am really loving the fit of the SBs AIOs, would you recommend their fitteds or any other brands?
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