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Re: Best moisturizing soap for kids

Originally Posted by reborin View Post
I use oatmeal in the bath w/ds in winter, just toss some in and he's happy as a clam. I use Weleda on his parts and bum, but only if they 'need' it. I use some kind of more natural-type bubble bath for his bath time, which I think gets him pretty clean. I'm not a big soap person. Soap really strips a lot of the oils from the skin (it's intention is to CLEAN). Even an oil-based soap does this. So unless you NEED to, maybe just give up soap for a while? Or only use it once in a while, every third day or something? She'll hang on to her natural oils and her skin will be more supple. Also, cocoa butter or any heavy oil like almond or olive make a GREAT moisturizer.
Excellant mama! Thanks for the info. Something I've known but still clinging to the way I grew up...bathing everyday using "soap". I have olive and almond oil here that I should make into something for her. When money allows I'd love to get jojoba and some vitamin e.

Also, thanks for all the replies! I have got such awesome responses!

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