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Re: Advice for activities for a 19 mos. old

My DD is almost 20 months........ we mainly just play! I let her pick out books and ask her about things she is looking at - what sounds animals make - what colors things are, etc. She loves to get her bath toys (letters and numbers) and point to each of them and "guess" what they are and ask me what they are (already working on letter and number recognition LOL)

It's also fun to play with her and do unusual things with her toys and watch her copy me... it's really cute and helps her to think outside of the box some (not like she really needs a lot of help in that dept! She's so creative!)

We talk about nature and I "label" everything for her as she asks (and sometimes when she doesn't)..... I interact with her a lot more verbally than ever before. She now says "no" and "yeah" at appropriate times, so I make sure she is very invovled in some decision making (what to eat, what to play with, whether or not to go outside, etc)

Just normal playing and helping your DC to explore the world around is the best!!
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