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Are trying Fuzzi Bunz a MUST?

I want to try out a few of the best pocket diapers out there. I have friends that LOVE FB, and I have friends that DON'T. What are you favorate pockets? Here is a list of what I want to try and what I allready have...

Want to try:

Knickernappies Disposanots, Swaddlebees, Snap-EZ, Pocket Change and possibly Fuzzi Bunz (?)

I have:

BG 1.0, Haute Pocket and My Precious Baby by April.

I'm apprehensive about trying a HH b/c I've heard the leg openings are larger and my babie's tend to be VERY long and skinny.

I shy away from Diapers that you need to wait in line for a custom spot for. I like to order when I need it or have the money for it.

Am I missing a "must have" in my list? Do I NEED a Fuzzi Bunz? Do SBs come with an insert? What is the best insert?

I think that covers all my pocket questions.
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