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Re: Master Sticky - everything you wanted to know about posting in the WAHM forums

How many active threads can I have at once?

In the Wares forum, we ask that you try to be courteous and combine like items or similar items into a single thread. If a member of the Mod Team finds products in more than one thread to be similar, we may merge the threads when we come across them. The total threads any one person has in the Wares forum should not be more than 3-4 or so, but there is no hard and fast rule on this.

In the Announcements forum, there is a limit of only ONE thread per MEMBER. This is regardless of if you have just a personal business, just a congo, or if you have multiple businesses which you'd like to promote. It is one thread, period. If you have multiple businesses, you must list them together in one thread or alternate. Please try to reuse your thread with edits as much as possible (saves the Mod Team a little work). If you need to start a fresh thread, simply mark the old one for deletion by changing the subject line to "done" or "delete".

Keep in mind, we set these rules to protect you more than to limit you. If our 1500+ members of the WAHM group all posted 3 or 4 threads, it would get overcrowded in a blink.
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