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Re: Master Sticky - everything you wanted to know about posting in the WAHM forums

What's the easiest way to find all my threads in Wares or Announcements?

Sometimes, when you're ready to post a new Announcement, it may be hard to remember if you have an old thread in there or not. It's even harder if you like to talk (a LOT) elsewhere on the forum, like I do.

There are two easy ways to find all the threads that you've started in a particular forum. The first way is to use the Advanced Search function. First, click on Search at the top of your screen, then on Advanced Search:

Next, enter your username in the appropriate field, select "Threads started by this user," and click on the forum that you'd like to search. In this example, I searched in the General Chat forum. You can also search in more than one forum at once. Just hold down CTRL before you click the second and subsequent forums to search.

The next page will bring up all the threads you started in the selected forum(s), and from there you can pick which one to edit and/or remove.


The second method to find all of your threads in a particular forum is to go to that forum, and sort the threads by Thread Starter:

Then you will go page by page until you find your username, and see if you have more than one thread.
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