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Re: Do people treat you differently because you use cloth diapers?

My husband and I have gotten a lot of comments about cd'ing, and most of them disparaging. We aren't even cloth diapering yet! We just tell people of our intention and we get all sorts of remarks.

The most common ones center around how we really won't save any money because of all the wash we will be doing (wrong) or how the environmental impact isn't really less because of all the water used and the chemicals used to clean the diapers (what?) I used to try to explain that we have enough dipes to last a week, we won't be washing much more than once a week (what is the economical impact of 1 xtra laundry load a week over sposies?), and you actually use LESS chemicals to wash diapers than you do to wash regularly laundry. This typically falls on deaf ears. If they do hear, they automatically cue in on how if we wash only once per week our entire house will most certainly smell only of poo. such is life.

I did have one person at work be really positive about it! I was happy about her response, and I told her so. She isn't a mom, and is probably in her 50's, but just told me she thought it sounded like a really fun and neat idea. My mom is also really supportive, and said that she cloth diapered all of us girls (although for money reasons) and only used sposies when travelling. I also have a good friend who I think would cloth diaper if she didn't already feel overwhelmed about a lot of personal stuff going on in her life, because she is just FASCINATED by the diapers and stuff we have been accruing. She has a special needs son who is in diapers still at 3-1/2 years and a 7 month old. Neither will be out of dipes anytime soon!
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