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Re: Do people treat you differently because you use cloth diapers?

I guess something about me just invites people to keep their opinions to themselves. I've never gotten any unsolicited comments, positive or negative about cloth diapering or extended breastfeeding. I *once* got a comment about EC'ing my daughter when I happened be in a Toys R Us bathroom with my 14 month old daughter at the same time another mom was in there with her 3 year old son. My DD did her business, I praised her lightly like I always do, and when we came out of the stall the other mom asked "Is she using the potty already??" Told her "Yep, since birth" and left.

I evangelize both CDing and EC to anyone who evinces the slightest interest but I've never converted anyone. My MIL doesn't mind the cloth diapers but she can't seem to grasp the concept of a wetbag. She tightly wraps the used diapers each in plastic shopping bags and then puts them in the wetbag.
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