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Re: Midwife or OB?

Originally Posted by madalexsmom
My room is private and once that door is closed you can't hear a peep. There is a jacuzzi in the room, dvd player and even a place for dh to sleep. The nurses only bothered me first thing in the morning, mid afternoon and right before bed. They only came in in the middle of the night if I needed help wtih the baby. I even had a pedicure and a mini massage while there. When I got home my house was SPOTLESS (and dh even re arranged all the furniture). I had flowers and everything set up the way I like it. Ahhh, the countdown continues!!

wow! that's awesome! yeah - my hospital stay - nothing like that...

unfortunately dd managed to be born on a super-busy weekend and even though the hospital only had like 12 double rooms (all the rest private) - i got one of the doubles. and it felt like the nurses bothered me all the time (or my roommate) just wasn't very fun. but i was lucky to have a room - they had people all over the hospital some were even discharged from the L&D suites (which actually come to think of it probably would have been better lol - those places were nice!)

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