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Re: I hate waiting to test! anyone else waiting to test?

WOW, that is like the BEST preggo chart i can imagine, LOL!!!

Actually, having BD'ed on day 14 would have been best....but day 15 was prolly okay.sperm lives for 3-5 days in good quality CM, but the egg is only viable for about 24 if you ovulated day 16, by day 17, your window was likely over.....and it takes about 24 hours for sperm to swim up to where they need to be, so and BD on days 14 or 15 were your best shots of getting preggo. Seems like you enough, LOL!

That being said..the temp rise is AWESOME, it seems like a great chart....I'd try POAS starting tomorrow!!! a ++ at 9 dpo is not unheard of....!!!

Best of luck!!
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