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Re: Only 2 carseats make consumers cut.

Yes, they do make $ by selling magazines and selling subscriptions, but they need to make $ in order to purchaes the items to test.
If they sold 1000 subcriptions at $20/yr, that's $20,000. I don't think the seats cost that much. And in actuality, they probably sold more like 100,000 subscriptions based on how much news coverage that this received - and I think the website is a monthly fee or far more then $20, but I'm not sure.

I have not seen anywhere that says they are using a certified carseat technician to do the installations - and have a very hard time believing they used one if they couldn't get one seat to install in 5 different cars.

If you choose to trust CR, that's fine. I think CR is publically irresponsible for publishing these scare tactics in an effort to make money - and it does bother me that for the rest of the year, they won't respond to any of the manufacturers, show anyone the testing methods used, etc etc. SafeKids and NHTSA are investigating what they say are "problems" with CR's report.
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