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Re: Only 2 carseats make consumers cut.

Originally Posted by Dsunny1 View Post
As a certified tech, watching the crash tests CR showed in their t.v. segment they released, the Evenflo seat that "flew sideways" is not the seat they have on their list, nor is it in anyway installed correctly. The seat is on it's base, with the seatbelt going over the entire seat, not through the base belt path as it should. Installed in that fashion, there is NO WAY any car seat should pass the crash tests they were doing. Last year, CR stated they found the Marathon to overrotate in a way they stated was unsafe. Britax has been contacting them since they came out with that report to talk to them about their findings and try to see how they came to that conclusion... They will not respond to Britax at all. Don't you think if they were really out there to Help make car seats safer instead of starting mass hysteria over the safety of car seats, they would respond to the companies they are saying failed their tests... I would think they would be overly willing to share their results and have them peer reviewed... so that correction could be made to make those seats safer. They refuse to tell anyone how they tested the seat, how they came to their conclusions, and that is very sketchy to me.
I do have a job in which I get paid to be a CPST for a maternity ward in a hospital. I work about 2 shifts a month to fill in for the full time staff, plus do a few car seat check-up stations... I volunteer at every car seat check that anyone in the community puts on though, for no pay and spend hours each week answering questions on-line. I do not do it for the money, nor do I ever get any type of kick-back from any manufacturer. I recommend the seats I do because I know which ones will last longer, have great features and are easy to install and use. The CPS tech's I know keep up with NHTSA's standards of car seat testing in the u.s. and know which seats don't preform well on u.s. tests. U.S. does need to add other tests to their requirements, but CR shouldn't release Failure results on tests that might not ever replicate real world crash dynamics without having peer reviews done to make sure their conclusions are solid, and then turn around and not offer up any information on how they did such testing.
Very well put.
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