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Re: Only 2 carseats make consumers cut.

Infant seats are very safe to use without the base provided yours can be installed that way (there are a few on the market that require the base and can not be installed without it). CR has not put out any type of convertible/combination car seat lists since 2005.
Raven: the seat they are referring to that they could not get installed has been known for that problem since it came out and it's manufacturer Dorell who makes Cosco/Safety first/ eddie bauer/ and alpha omega seats redesigned their base and are offering it for free for anyone with that seat. The new base makes the installation of that seat fine. I believe it when they say they couldn't get it installed, as it really was impossible to do so.. CR of course didn't use the redesigned base with their testing but chose to use the old one that is well known to be impossible to install. Makes you wonder why they would do that, other then to boost their report..... The owners of that particular infant seat that registered their seat got a notice with the offer to replace that base for a new one free of charge from the manufacturer a long time ago...
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