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Re: Only 2 carseats make consumers cut.

Originally Posted by Dsunny1 View Post
Cocooning is what rearfacing infant and convertible car seats are designed to do. In a frontal crash (the most common) the seat will rebound against the back of the vehicle seat and then come back down. It is made to do this as a way to distribute crash forces and help ride down the crash. Many of the seats in CR's tests did just what they were supposed to do when they cocooned, but for some reason they are stating it is a problem. The only rearfacing seats that do not cocoon are ones that allow rearfacing tethers, or have an anti-rebound foot on the base.
My copaniion has the anti-rebound bar on the base...not the foot. My instrucion manual says it's an anti-rebound bar should this seat no rebound?
Was the companion in its base during the test?
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