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Re: Only 2 carseats make consumers cut.

Originally Posted by momx2 View Post
uh..well... um... I one of those that tend to believe consumer reports. Yes, they do make $ by selling magazines and selling subscriptions, but they need to make $ in order to purchaes the items to test. All items that they buy to perform their tests on are NOT donated by the manufacturer, they are purchased by cr. If they were donated by the manufacturer, it could be said that they already have a bias towards those companies that donated a "testing" model vs. one who has not donated a testing model.

Also, please correct me if I'm wrong!! I don't want to sound stupider than I already do, LOL, but, I believe that the car seat testing that they perform is conducted by cr using a certified car seat person.

What I found is pretty much true.... there are many carseats out there on the market. ALL carseats are SAFE as they HAVE to be in order to pass national traffic safety laws. However, you also have your lowest, middle and then the premium carseats. The lowest would be those carseats that are just barely passing the minimum safety standards. The middle would be those that are a little above the standards and the premium would have the highest protection standards. but ALL the seats are safe in that they pass the standards.

so to me, I use CR to determine what car seat to buy that has the premium highest protection standards. I do not want to find out what the highest or lowest protection is by getting into a car accident, kwim? If I can buy a car seat that offers a higher level of protection than another one and I can afford it, than that's the one I'm going to buy.
No certified person has anything to do with CR testing! They won't even discuss it with manufacturers, NHTSA, etc.

CR rates premium seats LOW because they cost more. I've seen them rate some of the poorest functioning seats as top rate. That shows me they know NOTHING about CPS. I trust NOTHING they say. Due to their tactics if nothing else.

I will continue to follow what my six plus years of training has taught me.
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