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Re: Advice for activities for a 19 mos. old

They learn so much just from daily activities! When ds1 was that age and we'd go out to check the was a 15 min trip to go to the end of the driveway and back b/c there were sticks, bugs, leaves, grass, you get the picture! Relationships are a sled to the snow, ect...also something great at that age if you want some sort of 'structured' activity is matching. I made ds a set of colored shapes and the matching things on a paper. So say there were three triangles on the paper, each a different color, and then cut out three triangles and make them the same colors as on the papers. Ds would be able to put the yellow one on the yellow, ect. So as he got better with the matching I'd change it up and add different shapes and then make all the shapes different colors (if all that rambling even made sense to you, i'm glad).

Simple things like this and the wooden puzzles with the pictures behind the pieces are great for that age! It can truely give them a sense of accomplishment too! and exposes them to the colors/shapes even more b/c you are sitting there with them and you can talk about the colors as they do it. HTH
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