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Re: Pinto beans

Okay. Here you go... A few warnings... The measurements are off the top of my head guesses... I don't measure for the most part. LOL Some steps can be altered. If you don't soak the beans, you just have to cook longer.

* Rinse one bag of dried beans and soak overnight. Drain the
* beans in the morning and place in a slow cooker or crock pot.
* Add in one chopped onion (or more to your taste) and a couple
* of cloves of chopped or pressed garlic (again, to your taste).
* Add in two bay leaves. Add in one ham hock, ham bone, or
* chopped ham. Add in water to about 1/2" above the beans and onions
* (This is a may have to add more later but I
* think this is about right). Add 4 chicken bouillion cubes
* (you could substitute the water and bouillion with some sort of
* stock). Cook for about six hours usually (depending on the
* temp your crockpot is at). I like it cooked until the beans are
* falling apart and the sauce is thickened som. You can call it
* cooked once the beans are soft, though.Once the beans are
* cooked, slice up kielbasa and add. Let cook for another 20
* minutes or so. Serve over rice.
* Other things you may want to add... Habanero pepper or another
* spicy pepper for spice, carrots for cheap bulk, bell peppers
* for flavor, substitute the kielbasa for another type of sausage
* or chicken.
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