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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

Originally Posted by dirtdartwife
I'm right there with you mama.. .I've become more conscious when I want to use the f word and such to switch to friggin or freakin. When I use those words, it helps me to focus on how silly and uneducated I sound when using words like that. My oldest has started using the word "freakin" now and since I know what it *really* means, it calls me to be more mindful of what to say when I want to curse.

when I switched my mentality to really try to stop the cursing, I made it a point to listen to the people that do curse alot and the more I'd note the use of curse words, the more it wouldn't feel/sound right. And now it actually hurts my ears to hear people use curse words as adjectives all the time. I don't mind the occassional slip or a surprise, but every other word or as all adjectives doesn't sound right.

Give yourself some time and some credit... it's a force of tongue to conquer and you'll get there.

The first time you hear your little one say something really bad... AFTER you keel over, you'll REALLY stop cursing.

Quick story... I say "pissed off" all the time. My MIL calls me out on it all the time as she thinks it's cursing. She tells me "your little one will walk around saying pissed off all the time and how will you feel for that?" And just as I was about to respond, someone shows up at the door, she says "S***". So guess what my two year old was walking around saying almost immediately. I sat there with a smug look on my face and asked her "So, tell me, how DOES it feel to have a little one mimick cursing?" Oh that made my year...
Ditto^^ the above...

To all the other posters who dont understand how its is if you were raised around it and that was the NORM of how you were talked to kwim?
If you were raised in a nice clean Christian home then I guess thats why its so horrible. Not saying IT ISNT because it is...and I fight with this as well.

Its just like any bad gotta fight it and nip it in the bud...its all about making up other words for those bad words if you have to.
For example( Heidi will laugh if she reads this)
When Chris was a lil toddler..Heidi and Aaron used to say SON OF A B----
and then one day in the car CHristian finished her sentence
SO instead they said NO CHris we say SON of a WOMAN or something to that nature..LOL so they and later I started putting that into my brain instead of the B word.

I still say Sh-T yes...mostly CRAP but the F word is one lil demon that comes out the most when Im under THE MOST stress imagineable..which aot of you know I HAVE BEEN .
so...trying to say freakin alot instead has helped. I do NOT take the Lords name in vain to me thats I say goodness or oh my word..sometime I do slip up on here and say OMG( but that COULD stand for goodness yk lol)

anyhow Im off my rambling reply
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