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argh...need help with fitteds


okay my son was a pretty heavy wetter and went lots a day untl recently. (like..when he was born, i went through at least 18 sposies a day and thats not changing him every time he went sort of going a lot lol)
but now he doesnt go so many times a day, but he goes a lot, and hard when he does go.
he has 6 layer hemp fleece fitted, goes straight through that and the stream goes straight through is wool over it as well, and isnt just a leak, the stream goes straight through all that onto the floor or whatever. then, he stands there and makes this shocked looking face and points at it aand yanks at whoevers there to shjow them, or runs to find us and drag us off to show us (and sometimes signs toilet then as well, but thats besides the point )
and he has a sugarplum baby fitted, and a snapdragons, and a few other ones, thats all i can think of atm, lol, and it happens with them all. i dont know why, its driving me insane, and i need something that can help. the thing is i dont really have any money, but i dont know what to do.. at night he wears not so waterproof pockets that are stuffed cause thats all i can figure out to use, it cant go straight through the pul even though its not waterproof anymore, if that makes sense? and he wears fb if we go out anymore, i was using fitteds out some, but

so does anyone have any ideas??ive also tried adding a layter of sherpa and a layer of flannel in with them, but he can go straight through that as well, its more of a needs something to stop the flood type thing, kwim? when he goes, from about 1.5 inches from his belly button ann the way to hiqs butt is SOAKED at once...its crazy!!! and making me so as well!!
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