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Re: argh...need help with fitteds

Did you try stripping the diapers to see if maybe they are coated? Also are you using crocheted/knitted wool or recycled 100% wool from a sweater? My son doesn't pee through that bad but I have found that really the only thing that I can use is recycled wool for some reason. It does the job most of the time.

As far as peeing a river, I have no clue other than to double up his layers in the front as much as you can. Also, is the rise high enough for him? Maybe the dipes aren't high enough and that's why he's soaking so much? I find that if I put a dipe on my son with a lower rise, he has a tendency to pee through quicker than one that fits nice and snug or even one with a rise that's too big. Does that make sense?

Sorry girl, that's the only advice I have for you.
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