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Re: What's on your menu for the next week or two?

Originally Posted by kocho View Post
I haven't made a menu lately and I really should so when I get the grocery funds I don't go crazy at the store! lol I'm going to order Angel food tomorrow, so I just need to get us through til that comes next week.

My sister called and asked for my Chicken Club Brunch recipe, so now I'm hungry for it so that will be someday this week.

I'll be babysitting at dinner time two nights so we can bet on hot dogs and mac and cheese for one meal and chicken nuggets and fries for the other. lol

And I'm thinking I'd like to make tuna casserole sometime soon.

Ham slices may round out the rotation. lol We haven't had them lately.

Basically I'm sick of all my regular stuff and trying to think of things we haven't had lately. lol

Wow, I didn't stick with that at all!! lol The kids weren't here for dinner either night they were supposed to be, so we scrapped that. I forgot to get the ham slices or the stuff for chicken club brunch.

I did get a lot of good deals on meat when we shopped. The problem is that my DH doesn't listen. He was vaccum sealing stuff to freeze and I told him to leave out one package of steaks, a roast, a package of sausage and some burger. He totally forgot and only left out the steaks and sausage. Those are gone and I hate to defrost something he just froze. Those vaccum seal bags are expensive!! Wah!!
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