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Re: Advice for activities for a 19 mos. old

is there a MOPS in your area?? librarys usually have a story time- great place to get to!

Hmm things they do atthis age...

well my girls... I'll just go with my first since the other ones that followed had big sister which made a huge difference.

Faithlynn liked to play a lot!!
there ya go-lol

naw we did more

we read a lot and I tried to keep a lot of our playing learning. letters and phonics and numbers.

Mostly we talked a lot about things- I did most of the coherent talking!

Now my son- who is currently 17 months I have a longer list for because I am living it daily!

he loves to help empty the DW. We took the seperating thing out of the drawer so that he could just drop the silverware in- who cares if it is unorganised until he is old enough to sort- he's doing chores hooray!!

loves to sweep (I remember dd#1 liking that too)

we sit and play with conecting blocks, duplos that kind of stuff a lot (dd liked that too)

he likes to clean windows- you know he likes to clean- lol!! probably because the girls do- give him a rag and he is off wiping something!!!

likes to play with the kitches stuff- what kid doesn't.

Mostly he plays with older sibs so we are at an advantage you are not at yet- I have an entertainment committee and you are the entertainment committee!!!

I remember now even with the first dd we sang and danced a lot- which we still do

we painted in the bath tub by mixing shaving cream with food coloring

hmmm... i dont know the normal stuff!
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