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Re: Only 2 carseats make consumers cut.

Non profit for the company status doesn't mean that the people working there (CEO on down) don't get paid a salary. "Administrative costs" are allowed to eat up a lot. Also, they need to make money to stay in business just like a for profit business does.
A term describing the Internal Revenue Service's designation of an organization whose income is not used for the benefit or private gain of stockholders, directors, or any other persons with an interest in the company. A nonprofit organization's income must be used solely to support its operations and stated purpose.
"Operations" includes salaries, btw.

Because Consumers Union accepts no advertising dollars, it stays afloat by charging customers for its data

Here's a great blog by junkscience detailing other scare tactic things that Consumer Reports has put out, along with why they were unnecessary or unneeded.

Info about subscription-driven revenue and how "fresh blood" or a large amount of subscribers is necessary to break even:
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