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The easiest and yammiest bread ever

okay, it is spelled: yummy....not yammy...I am still learning...*giggle*

I started with a bread baking machine, which was less successful as we hoped.
So I went back to the original way of baking bread and on my search for a new recipe I found THIS:

400 grams flour (white, mix with whole wheat, flax seed, whatever.....NO RYE for this one!)
quarter teaspoon yeast
1 teaspoon salt
approx 400 grams hand warm water. Just enough to mix a not to smooth dough, should stay put more or less in a "ball" and should not flatten out too quickly when you stop stiring.
You just mix it with a spoon for about 1 minute...thats it. Don't overmix it. It really is enough.

Let stand covered.
After 4 to 18 hours (you are very flexible!) you preheat your oven (425degreeF) AND a cast iron pot with lid.
When the pot is hot, put it out and sprinkle the bottom with flour/flax seed/what ever. Put in the dough. Sprinkle flour on top of bread.
Put the pot back in the oven.
Bake 30 minutes WITH lid and then 20 - 30 minutes WITHOUT lid.
When the time is over, switch off the oven and leave the bread in there like it is.

Let cool a little bit before you cut it!!

How much water you need, depends on the kind of flour. Whole Wheat needs a little bit more that just white flour.
You will quickly find out what the right amount is.

You can mix in:
Sun flower seed, wheat germ, carraway seeds, or a mix of ground carraway seeds & anis.

This is a very easy and delicous bread. You are very flexible...when you don't have the time to bake it this evening, bake it tomorrow morning...this bread is really cheap and has a great crust and you can be sure there is no artificial flavors or other stuff in there.

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