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Re: "safest dipes" (resale value?)

Also, what may have a great resell today - may not tomorrow! It took me a year of trial and error to decide what we really liked. I would totally agree with buying a few of a lot of different things off of FSOT. That way, if your LO only wears it a couple of times and you don't like it, you haven't lost that much when you go to resell it. You may lose a dollar or two or less plus shipping on a used dipe that you resell (if it is in the same condition as when you bought it) where on a new dipe you probably lose about 3 or 4 plus shipping when you resell it. Another thing to consider is sensitivities to a certain material. You would hate to stock up on GMs, just to find that your LO has a sensitivity to OBV or on BG and there is a sensitivity to suedecloth.
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