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Day care question - wwyd?

We're having a debate over keeping dd in day care. She goes one day a week on one of the days that ds goes to give me a chance/break to get some of the stuff I normally cant do when she's around. Ds goes 3 days. With her being sick and having the seisure last week everyone is screaming at me not to put her back in. I kinda agree but on the other hand she's still going to be exposed with her brother going to school. They say I want to send her so I can be selfish and have a day to myself-well yea i do like having one day to myself once in a while-dh is gone for weeks at a time and I'm trying to handle all of this by myself, but having her home isn't really going to kill me either. I'd rather her home and safe than the alternative. I'm going to talk to her pulminologist about it this afternoon-her ped is kinda on the fence like me. I don't mean send her back right this week-I won't send her until I know that she is completely over this virus and better again. I just mean in the future. Please don't bash me-I'm too tired and I haven't slept more than 40 minutes at a time since last wednesday, and now ds is sick with a super bad sore throat and fever. He goes at 1 to the ped and she goes at 11:15. I just need a few clear brains to hash this out with me. Thanks
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