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Re: Help - does your toddler have multiple food allergies?

Hello! My dd also 2 has EE and multiple food allergies. She is on formula (neocate Jr) and will be for a long time. I wont list what she cant eat as that list is too is what she CAN eat. Chicken, rice, potatoes and fruit and olive oil. Thats it. Its extreamly hard to feed my dd She wants to eat what every one else is eating and she cant or she gets really sick. I also want my dd to eat what we do but its too hard for everyone that way. I make a big thing of rice on sundays to last her though the week...then i make enough chicken for about 3 days that way all i have to do is get her fresh fruit or a potatoe instead of rice.

I just got two new food allergy cookbooks and will let you know if there is anything good in there geared toward the younger ones. It is hard and i feel that sometimes i need more support ( my dh is deployed and my ds has adhd) and some days its all i can do to not have a pitty me day. I just focus on knowing that i am doing the best i can to help my itty bitty get big and strong, which isnt happening very fast. Were talking like 3-4 ounce gain in 3 months.

We dont even go to restaraunts any more unless we get a sitter, which also never happes. My family is over 800 miles away and i dont trust very many people to keep her safe. Anyways feel free to pm me!
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