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Poll - About Lids

When you are cooking and you take a lid off the pot. When you put it on the counter do you:

1. Put it down with the handle up
2. Put it upside down with the inside up and the handle underneath

So we were at my in-laws vacation house this weekend. They have a smooth top cooktop. My sister was cooking breakfast and put the lid handle-up on the stove. This horrible vacuum suction thing happened and the lid got stuck - when we tried to pick it up it cracked the entire right side of the cooktop.

My sister and I married twin brothers - so the men went on and on about putting the lid down the wrong way. But old habits are hard to break - because our mom did it handle side up.

$250 dollars for just the glass for the cooktop. Luckily we have handy husbands that can replace it.
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