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Unhappy my baby has a broken leg

we were leaving a playdate yesterday evening and my dh was carrying micah down the stairs and he slipped and fell. micah started crying like i've never heard before. i thought at first it was because he hit his head on the wall, but he wouldn't calm down, he wouldn't nurse, and when i tried to stand him up so i could get a look at him, he wouldn't bear weight on his left leg. i knew then, but didn't want to freak out my dh who was already feeling terrible. so we went directly to the hospital. it took a while to get in, so dh took jonas home to put him to bed, my sister came to sit with him, and dh came back up with us. they did x-rays and showed me where it was broken. both lower leg bones, one was broken and the other was kinda bent. they had to give him anesthesia to set it. they used the 'date-rape' drug. i am not kidding. he is in a cast up to the middle of his thigh. he's been whiney but not too bad. they gave him tylenol with codeine for pain. but nothing for my dh's broken heart.
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