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Unhappy Re: More water = less stink ... My detergent exploration

Soap Nuts

I've actually had soapnuts for quite awhile - I think I got them about 8-10 months ago and never tested them (systematically) to see what kind of results I'd get. I must say, I am extremely disappointed with what happened and I would not recommend soap nuts for diapers. Sigh. had such a hard time with them. Things went alright the first week, but shortly thereafter the build up in the diapers just kept getting worse and worse. By the time I finished the month, the diapers would smell so bad and my son was starting to get burned.

So what really has turned me off soapnuts is the length of time it took me to get them prepped to test the next detergent. Since mid-December (about the 10th), I have double-washed them, run them through several all vinegar soaks with and without baking soda and it's only this morning that I have gotten my first non-stinky diaper. The really weird thing is even as late as last week, some of my prefolds / doublers would come out of the wash smelling like wet soapnuts. The soapnut detergent is really presistent and hard to get out - which doesn't surprise me as they are vegetable-based and vegetable-based detergents tend to perform poorly with cloth diapers (I even e-mailed Sarah at

I think if you use soapnuts, the rinsing and dosage of the syrup is very finicky and needs to be precise. Including the length of time you soak the nuts to retrieve the syrup. My opinion, find another detergent solution.

I will be starting Allen's soon as I wanted to make sure I was starting with de-stunk diapers before testing something else.
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