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Re: What age did you start time outs?

Miranda started biting when she was 10 months old. She started spending time in her crib at that age for it too. I wouldn't really call it time out for her, it was more of a time out for me. lol But she did stop biting. It only took a couple times in her crib before she realized that biting landed her there. Maybe she's just smarter than I thought, or maybe the phase ended but either way it stopped. now at 28 months old I've done the time outs thing in her room since, however it's kind of lost it's appeal unless she really wants out to do something outside of her room because now i'm just sending her to her room, but she's got toys in there. lol I've thought about clearing her room of toys before, but I remember the time i stuck her in the corner and she actually played with the wall.. So, I don't think it would really matter. lol

Alot of the times just saying "stop or you'll go to your room" is enough to make her stop doing whatever she's doing.

Good luck!
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