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Re: Day care question - wwyd?

Thanks ladies-it looks like ds has the same thing she does. Both the Dr.s said that she can go back to the daycare once she's better. Dh will be back in 3 weeks-he left yesterday afternoon to go back to MI. I'm most likely going to keep them both home this week to make sure that they are better. DD goes back to the Ped. on friday and then we get to schedule her for some more tests. lol I definately think I could use one of those martini's right about now. I'm waiting to hear back from the realtor to see if the people accepted our counter offer-and I refuse to answer the phone if my mnl calls-dh agrees with me.

She took everything I told her and twisted it around saying that I was making this so hard on dh for having to travel back and forth and how alone he is........that I won't let him sell the house because the baby is sick. what I actually said was that I was waiting to hear back from the realtor, that we were gona counter offer and that it would be a few months anyways until we closed (the lady has to sell her house) and that hopefully we'll be all set with dd but that I don't want to take her out to MI and start with new Dr.s that I don't know, and that we would stay here with my parents until they have all of ehr testing done. After all was said and done I simply told dh that I'm done with all of the crap and they can all F off for all I care-when she's runnign across a parking lot carrying her child that isn't breathing and somehow manage to keep it all together and deal with all of the other **** then her opinion will matter to me. Ok I'm done venting for now-just had to get that out. Thanks for reading if you've got this far.
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