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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

ok and now this is oviously a problem for many....So how come so many doctors we have seen says constipation is normal...especially if it is happening frequently.

Our story, it all started at 7 months old.....our longest time w/out a bm is 22 days. We've tried it all (home remedies prunes, benefiber, babylax, supositiories, etc...) we've also tried a variety of OTC and script meds....none of which work for my son. I'd say on average he goes 1x every 10 days, sometimes longer sometimes a little less like 7 days.

I have yet to find a ped or GI specialist to take this problem seriously, and my son will be 3 yr old next month.

We too have up'd the yogurt and the probiotics and that seems to have brought our average time between bm's a lot....but still he is not regular. He is chronically in pain and you can see his tummy it is so hard as a rock and you can see the lump. or here is what we use, we just jumped to the chewable kind tho:

We switched health plans and now the new ped reffered us to a new GI, we go next month we shall see if he is any help.

I think doctors need to take constipation more seriously, especially when you can tell the child is in extreme pain!!!
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