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Re: So who are you marrying your kids off to?

I keep telling my dd that if she doesn't straighten up, we are going to have to buy a herd of cattle and 50 sheep to get some poor guy to take her! In the mean time, get out! get a job! have a dozen kids! Do it all RIGHT NOW WHILE YOU STILL KNOW IT ALL!!! I am thankful that we don't do dowries (sp?) anymore since she would just cost us a fortune
That said, my little boys all like one little girl... I think it might be rough for them since she is 7 but her crush is not on the *little boys* as she likes my teenager son!
My kids all think that cloth diapers and breast feeding are just how it is. Only my older ones remember "those nasty sposies"! LOL...
Mama to 9...
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