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Need to re-build my stash in the next size. PP and I have a ton of things to trade!

DD is growing and I need to move up to the next size in my stash, so I am looking for a LOT of things! She is approx 23 lbs and a little on the chunky side (wearing 12 months for most things) so I think MD's and LG's are both a possibility.

MD old style FB's. Im not fussy about colors but I would like good elastic and minimal staining. Pilling/softness isnt an issue.
Toddler-size Snappis
LG PiddlePoddles pockets
Toddler sized PiddlePoddles fitteds
MD and LG Thirsties covers
LG Arabesque fitteds
MD Thirsties AIO, the ones where you can put an insert in them.
MD or LG swim diaper. Needs to fit in the 25 lbs/ 12 month range.

Again I am not fussy about pilling or colors, and softness isnt a big issue. I want really good elastic and little to-no staining.

WOOL! I need soakers especially, something that is good for overnights. I would love something with snaps but its not a requirement. I prefer recycled wool. I would consider cute shorts. Looking for MD to LG, something that will fit over a bulky PF w/ PF insert. Her butt is huge at night.

I have a ton of stuff to trade but am also very willing to do Paypal.

For trades I have:
  1. Lilac DryBees AIO (small?) GUC. Velcro tabs. Elastic in great condition.
  2. WAHM AIO with pink camo print and pink fleece inside. Velcro tabs. In GUC. Elastic in great condition.
  3. Small Diaper Change pocket. Pink eyelet. Very pretty and in VGUC.
  4. Small Diaper Change poket in circus stripe print. VGUC!
  5. M/L BS Mutt in VGUC. Serging and snaps are Valentine style in pink and red, the diaper itself is white/off white.
  6. MD Mutt, cant remember what kind its called, maybe a Babyshape? Print is Thumbelina (violet and pink) with violet inner. VGUC.
  7. MD Mutt, cant remember the name for this one either but I think its a front snap. Outer print is green and yellow stripe and inner is yellow. GUC.
  8. MD BS Mutt in GUC. Candy stripe print and white/off white inner.
  9. MD front snapping Mutt in a pretty floral print. The main color is off white with red and yellow flowers and greenery. Inner is offwhite. GUC.
  10. MD BS Mutt in a cupcake print. Main color is white and it has small cupcakes scattered around. Inner is a matching pink. VGUC.
  11. Never used Pampered Bunz AIO, size MD. Print is black with various shades of pink polka dots all over. Inner is white. Never been washed, either.
  12. Chloe Toes Katnappie pocket/AIO. The print is a lavender/pale lavender check all over with pale blue trim. GUC.
  13. 2 SM Thirsties covers in VGUC. One is pink and one is lavender.
  14. WAHM size SM fleece soaker. Made in Katrina's pattern. Main body is pink and the trim is brown. Pretty GUC but the fleece has the normal pilliness to it.
  15. NIP SOS in paisley print.
  16. 2 BabyKicks hemp inserts. GUC
  17. 2 misc smaller hemp inserts. GUC.
Everything in the list above is in GUC or better. The elastic is all fine and there is NO staining.
  • 2 old style SM FB's that are in fair condition. One is the bug print. It has very minor staining (2 small spots about the size of a dime) and the elastic is shot. The other is navy blue. The elastic is fine, there is no staining but the PUL on the inside has seperated from the diaper. This doesnt affect the absorbancy or the ability to keep clothing dry, it just is kind of a pain to stuff with inserts because you have to be a little more careful.
  • 1 SM BG AIO in yellow. This is in decent shape but the side elastic is shot. The tabs are still good and not curled. The back elastic is fine. No staining.
  • 1 SM BG AIO in blue. Both the side and back elastic is shot and it has some staining about the size of a quarter in 2 spots and 1 spot about the size of a nickel.

The bottom list of things are in so-so shape but need work (elastic or sunning). Would be willing to toss them in for free if we trade on something.

I have pictures of everything but my editing program isnt working so they are all too big to post. I can send pictures of anything by request.

Please PM me with anything you have or want!
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