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Re: Mirena IUD

I had one put in after DS#1 was born and I loved it. I had it removed 2 years later because I felt like it conflicted with my religious beliefs, but never had any problems with it. I never had AF either.

I had another one put in this past summer after Noah was born and it caused my milk to almost completely dry up. It's not a common side effect, but it does happen to women. And I happened to be one of the lucky ones And, well, then I got knocked up, sooooo.....

I never had any complications after having them inserted, just some cramping. Take some Advil or Tylenol before your appointment. You can expect to spot/bleed for 6 weeks-6 months. Make sure you are VERY diligent about checking your strings once a month. If you ever can't feel them, you need to call your Doc right away. I've known several people that have had the IUD's slip up and disappear and/or puncture their uterine wall. It's really important that you are always aware of where it is placement wise.

Good Luck!

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