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Re: Day care question - wwyd?

I could have written your post! Both my DC are in DCP FT because I am a WOHM, but there are days when my work is out that I have them go to school anyway. They enjoy playing with the other kids, and with my SO offshore for 6 weeks at a time, I get no relief at home and sometimes just need to be able to clean without stepping over DC or sew without getting my legs hanged on or take a bath without getting splashed in the face by the 2 DC in the tub with me.

There is nothing wrong with needing time to yourself. And for what its worth, my DD had 6 seizures from Jan of 06 to June of 06, and went back to DCP usually the day after each as I couldn't afford to miss work. Seizures aren't something that are predictable and if one is going to happen, it is going to happen, where your DC are or who they are with isn't going to start/stop a seizure.
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