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Re: Sorry, I know this has been covered....

My son was the same way and still is. some days (he is 10 months) he eats half a jar of solid and some he eats 3 jars. but there have been MANY days he ate nothing other then breast milk. My dr. said that breast feed babies sometimes have a hard time with the diff. textures and will thrust out the food rather eat it. So i would pinch Noah's cheeks together like a fish and shove it in. (this was the only way to get him to keep it in.) I did that for 3 months until he finally decided he liked it! I felt like I was force feeding him. But I felt the same way WORRIED out of my mind! I am a first time mom and was so concerned. Don't worry just talk to your ped.
are you breast feeding?
Hope this helps!
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