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Re: boiling inserts....

I boiled mine and got a funny "mechanic shop" smell out of them after the first few rounds of boiling. Even in the end they stunk a TINY bit like that. I just boiled them at least 3-4 times each. MAKE sure you get new pot of water each time you put new inserts in.

Here is exactly what I did:

I got two big pans and filled them with water and turned them on hi. After the boiling began I put 2-3 but no more mf inserts in the pot and boiled them for 3-5 minutes stirring them throughout. I then took them out and put them in cold water swishing them around and then ran fresh cold water over them again and again and squeezing them. After that if they still smelled I got new water in each pan and boiled them again. I had to boil some of them 4 times each getting new water in between because the soap bubbles and stink was still there.

I kept doing it with new water until the majority of the "shop" smell was out and then I rinsed them extremely well and put them in a hot wash cold rinse x2 with NO soap, NO dawn.

With the white mf inserts I did soak them in a very tiny amount of bleach and then I washed and rinsed them over and over and with no soap to be sure I got it all out. NONE of my blue mf towels or my white like MOE ones stink after boiling and washing with no soap.

If they still stunk after boiling you didn't change your water and you didn't boil them enough times. Using the same water for all of the inserts bakes the smell into the next batch being put in.....I learned that the hard way and spent an entire day doing this. LOL

ETA: Even if they have a tiny smell to them after boiling them each 3-4 times each the hot wash cold rinse wash will get it all out because after washing mine I smelled them all and there was no smell like when I stopped boiling.

This was the only thing that worked for us. My ds was getting sores/rash on the tip of his wee wee after wearing a cd overnight and at naps. I tried dawn, new soaps, etc with no help. We finally had to put him in a sposie at night cuz he was waking up crying that his pee pee hurt after wearing a cd. After boiling them over and over and then washing them he has been sore free for the last two nights! YEAH!
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