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Re: How often do you cook.

I cook everyday. I usually shop every other Sunday. After the kids are asleep Sun night, DH and I cook a few pounds of boneless, skinless chicken and lean ground beef. We put enough for one meal worth of supper/lunch in zip-top bags to freeze and then make fairly quick meals from there. With the ground beef, you can add fresh made/canned beans for taco salad or chili along with the seasoning. You can also make one-pot spaghetti or whatever else you usually use ground beef for. The chicken is used in casseroles, soup or salads. I also always have a quick cooking rice to add to the packaged flavored ones. It tastes the same, but you end up with more for a little less money and you cut back on some of the salt, etc per serving. One or two hours on one day every couple of weeks is a lot better than an hour or two a night.

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