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Mamas with 15 month olds. What do you DO?

Hi mamas. We are SO BORED!!! It is frigid here in the Northeast so we are stuck inside alot, and we are getting cabin fever! DD is 15 months old now, and I guess Im just not sure what to do with her at home? I know that she needs more stimulation than she is getting because she seems to be waking up at night with tons of energy. I know that its normal for her age, but I'd like to try to decrease it a little with more activity during the day! lol

I'd love to know what you mamas do with your 15 month old!! Tell me what your typical day is like. Suggestions for nutrient packed snacks would be helpful too.

Also, we could go outside, Im just trying to figure out the best way to that in the cold. Im looking to purchase a Beco, but how do you cold weather mamas bundle your babies in a carrier?? I'd love to take DD snow shoeing.

Sorry if I'm asking alot....TIA!!
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