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Re: How often do you cook.

i cook dinner everyday,
i've learned with the little ones to break up the prepwork all throughout the day, like pick and pull the protien in the morning during breakfast so it can thaw out,
then during lunch as i'm cooking their meal i can chop and prep the veggies or start a sauce,
then by the time 5 o'clock rolls around i can assemble and get everything together by 6.

breakfast is mostly a pick your own meal
cereal,oatmeal,toast and jelly,bagel and cream cheese

lunch is mostly leftovers or something quick and easy
grilled cheese and soup,ham and cheese rolls with a salad,antipasta finger foods-olives tomatoes chunked cheese

i am pretty schedualed, everyone in the house knows that at 5 i'm busy, i'm in the kitchen cooking. now somedays though i do feel as if i live in the kitchen and somedays its like wait i didnt even really go in there

on weekends hubbys pretty good about getting up and cooking brunch for the whole house, this really helps so i can just do dinner all in one shot when hes home
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