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Re: This week's meals...

Originally Posted by Smidgerooski View Post
Thanks for all the great ideas Rebekah
You're very welcome, Lacey!! I'm so glad that I inspired you

I'm going to have to steal your tater tot casserole idea for next week!! What's your recipe?? In the past, I've made the one with ground turkey and a can of cream of chicken soup. I liked it, but I love hearing about different ways to make yummy casseroles!

ETA: .... oh, and the english muffin pizzas! That sounds like a fun dinner for a friday night! Hmm, I bet those would be yummy with salsa, taco meat, and cheddar cheese. Oh, have you ever made tostada pizza?? That's really yummy!

Boboli crust topped with refried beans, taco meat, cheddar cheese. After it's baked, you top it with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and drizzled with a little ranch dressing. YUM!
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