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My little guy is sick.... ongoing bowel problems and weight loss?

Just seeing if anyone had experience with this.... Caleb is almost 3 (next month) and has been having some bowel problems-- the last 3-4 weeks alternating between huge pure lquid blowouts and exlosive poop that resemble wet play sand. Before this he'd been totally potty trained, but now he can barely get there in time-- during the day and at night.

At the doctors today he'd dropped from 42 lbs (he's 40 inches... so he's tall) this past spring to just a smidge under 35 lbs. Obviously a huge red flag.

He's already milk and soy free, and we've just started wheat on aregualr basis (and already removed it), he does no peanuts....

We sent samples in today to rule out rotovirus and similar things.... next will be testing for celiac (gluten issues do run on both sides of the family).

I feel awful.
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