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Re: How do I get ds to sleep longer?

Originally Posted by MamaStace
Thanks for all of your hugs and advice. . .

We do have a pretty good routine. DS naps in the morning for about an hour, then at 3:30 I put him down for his second nap (usually 1-2 hours). At 7:30, it's his bedtime. (he eats, gets a bath, nurses before bedtime) He's usually alert when I put him down, and he puts himself to sleep. That's the part I don't get. He's fine going down, but if he wakes up on his own he just wants mommy. And I've rocked him, cradled him, walked him thru the house, but unless I Nurse him he just screams. Last night I Thought surely he won't scream forever, but after 45 minutes he was still going strong and I felt AWFUL. (DH is out of town so I'm having trouble coping with everything this week!) I finally took ds to bed with me last night and we dozed/nursed for several hours. USUALLY when i've tried this he fusses after he's satisfied his belly until I put him back in the crib. Go figure.

I've heard other good things about healthy sleep habits, healthy child. I'll add that to my reading list!!!

thanks, mamas. I'm glad i'm not the only one.
So weird that sounds exactly like last night with DS. He's the same way. He's still waking up at 11 months and I'm not sure why. We wait about 5 minutes, go in rock, etc. etc. etc. Do all that stuff. Just not working. I get so tired of it all and I'm just dead during the day. I'm going to have to find that book. In a way it makes you feel like you are doing something wrong as a mother when other people have babies that sleep just fine through the night when they are 4 weeks old.
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