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Re: How is your diaper station set up? Long post with lots of pictures

Wow! Very cool! Our bathroom isn't big enough for all that! We actually aren't going to have a changing table, either. I've had one in the past, but always ended up changing on the floor instead.

We have a multi-part system which hopefully will work okay!

This hangs on the wall (obviously!) The top compartment is snappis and pins.
The second from the top is flushable liners, fleece liners, and doublers. The third compartment is nb covers/wraps/soakers. The fourth compartment (second from the bottom) is wipes. The bottom compartment is longies, soakers, and wraps/covers that are bigger than nb/s size.

We will keep our diapers in bins like this:

Although, we have a lot more diapers than that now! (and they aren't folded in thirds anymore, but halves)

We will have a pail in the downstairs bathroom (a big one) and then a hanging pail or smaller pail in the girls' bedroom upstairs.
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