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Re: Making Flavored Homemade Yogurt

i just finished my first batch from, but i missed a step in the culturing process (my mistake, i forgote the last step of letting it set for 6 hours in the fridge) and it turned out not as thick as i would have like, and the taste of the FILMJOLK is not to my preference when eaten plain, but it was great in our dessert smoothy and i am sure will be great with fruit puree for breakfast.

I did save a bit of the culture and will try it again. I also bought the VIILI, and am saving to try that one when we go away on holidays, since i can travel with the dry culture.

It's SOOOOOO easy to make this way, just pour and let sit in a warm place. That is an issue in our house, as it's generally not over 69 in here, but i think i have found a great location, in the cupboard above the fridge.
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